Our Approach

I specialize in working with Individuals, couples, and families from a solution-focused perspective.

Solution-Focused Therapy (SFT) is a revolutionary approach that assists people to design, develop, and begin participating in the kind of life that they hope for.

What is remarkable about SFT?

Traditional therapies focus on problems that can often require years to fully investigate.

Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on solutions and can achieve results quickly.

Traditional therapists often focus on and struggle with the client’s barriers to therapy or “resistance.”

Solution-Focused Therapists do not encounter this resistance in their clients because this approach evokes strengths and successes rather than eliciting fear.

Traditional therapists believe that they possess expert knowledge on their client’s symptoms and need to do “interventions” to assist them.

Solution-Focused Therapy sees the client as the “expert” of their own experience. Solution-Focused therapists collaborate with their clients and work to invite clients to use their innate wisdom and intelligence.

Traditional therapies focus on what is wrong with the client and analyze the client’s shortcomings.

Solution-Focused Therapy focuses on what is working for the client and uses that to build permanent solutions.

If you are looking for respectful therapy, that provides hope, and inspiration for lasting solutions, Solution-Focused Therapy was designed for you.