Our Story

Thank you so much for visiting my website as I am sure we both have at least 2 things in common.  The first is that we both care deeply about the Catholic faith and what that means to us. The second is that we desire to make change in our lives, or see changes in those we love.

My journey to becoming a Catholic therapist, consultant, and lecturer started in Western New York a couple miles outside the little city of Buffalo.

I spent a decade working in the public sector of community mental health treatment. I advanced throughout my career becoming a clinical supervisor, training and supervising staff. Despite my success I grew dissatisfied with the approaches I saw most clinicians using, finding them disrespectful and ineffective. I sought out better ways to provide counseling services and I spent years reading, attending trainings with master therapists, and studying research to provide the best services to my clients.

I designed my own trainings to assist my staff in ways to improve their client care as well as their own lives. Despite my efforts, I did not feel at peace in the agency where I was employed. My faith was never accepted in the workplace. It became more and more apparent that my gifts would be better spent elsewhere. I made the difficult decision to leave and start my own practice.

Catholic Therapy Solutions grew out of a five year discernment with my spiritual director and numerous conversations with my wife, friends, family, clients, and children. I’ve learned that God’s will is consistent, and the idea for this therapy practice “just kept coming up.” Over and over.

This counseling practice provides much needed services to faithful Catholics underserved by mainstream therapy providers. Often times faithful people are anxious in meeting with a professional who does not share their beliefs. I also want Catholic Therapy to demonstrate the beauty and genius that Catholicism has to offer those that are seeking therapy services

My hope in providing services to Catholics, is that they become therapeutic persons, who can assist in healing the culture of shame in our world.